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Return Policy

Return Conditions

You can return your orders, within 14 days after the delivery of your order.

There is no return option for Printed Products printed in accordance with the file sent by you. Besides, if a problem arises with these products solely caused by us, the relevant product will be reprinted upon your request and our evaluation and will be delivered within the time specified in the acceptance of the change request.

We would also like to point out that if the products are reprinted for a reason caused by us, the product will be reprinted as approved by you, and no corrections will be made to the document you send within this scope.

Products used and damaged, for single-use, deteriorating quickly or that are likely to expire can not be returned.

We are not responsible for user-generated problems in designs that you design or upload through our ready-made templates. To avoid such a problem, check your designs before ordering. The return of products that are requested to be returned for this reason is not accepted.

Return Procedures

In order for the return to be processed, all you have to do is to contact Customer Relations and specify your return request. Our e-invoice paying customers are required to issue a return invoice.

The refund of the payment you have made for your order will be transferred to your credit card or bank account, depending on your payment method, within 10 days after the product’s compliance with the above-mentioned Return Conditions is checked by our Quality Management Department, and the return is approved. Depending on your bank, it may take several days for you to see your refund on your credit card or bank account. The refund process mentioned depends only on the bank where your account is present, and in this context, we do not have any rights or powers related to the process.

As a result of the evaluation made by our Quality Management Department, in case it is determined that your return request does not comply with the Return Conditions and therefore the return is not approved, the product you sent with the return request will be re-sent to your address registered on our website with a counter payment within 10 days.